If you are reading this on my new website, Welcome!!!

March 28, 2012

I just returned from two shows in California.  Puyallup Sewing and Quilt Expo and the San Joachim Valley Guild quilt show.  

I was lucky to get in the show in Puyallup, as I have been trying to get in for 4 years now.  

Our watercolor pencils are still doing very well, along with the Decolourant and Decolourant Plus.  I have new pictures of a quilt with the Decolourant Plus.  Kokopelli


The Kokopeli guys were stencilled on using the Turquoise Decolourant Plus.  I let them dry overnight and had a happy accident.  The decolourant took some of the color out of the fabric around the figures and gave them a halo.  I like it.  If I had used a blow dryer or heat gun, I wouldn’t have gotten the same effect.


While we were in California, I went to the Road to California show.  Yes, I took pictures.   They had an exhibit for Susan Else.  Soft Sculpture.  Here are some.


Here’s Susan with one of her sculptures.


I was really impressed with the Ferris wheel.  It was motorized and was spinning slowly in the exhibit.  I have a few pictures.



The next pictures are details.  Everything was covered with fabric.


Sneaking a kiss


Skeletens in love (these are not what she named them) They were all covered with fabric and some parts were painted.  They are sitting down, but the picture doesn’t show the chair.


Detail of Skeletons


Framed rocks.  Most of the rocks were hand dyed.  They were framed in a 2 inch deep frame and the “rocks” were coming out of the box.


Some of the other things I saw, that were new to me, were the basket frames from Clover.Image 

You just weave yarn or fabric between the “spokes” to make a basket and top it off with a flower.  Here’s a finished one.


One of the quilts at “Road” that I really liked was a 3D quilt.  Or at least it looked 3D.

Here are some pictures with detail.


Here’s the detail.  As you can see, it was an award winner.Image

I’ll try to take pictures as I do the shows.  Next stop Spring Quilt Festival in Cincinnati.  I will have a new person working with me at some of the shows.  Sara Hochhauser.  She has been teaching all over the United States and she will be demoing the new Gelli Printing Plates.

We are going to be carrying these at the shows, and I’ll try to post pictures as soon as we get samples done.  

Driving home from California on the 1st.  5 days on the road, and then off to Cincinnati.  Wait !! I’m supposed to be retired.








Website-here we come

August 26, 2011

Well I finally broke down and got a domain name and I’m working on the website.  So much for retirement.

Just got back from Loveland, Co. and had a great show.  I am now working with Ellen Munnich ( longarm quilt designer), we are sewing out designs to “color” with the inktense Permanent watercolor pencils.  Still working on the samples.  The site should be up in about 6 weeks.  It will be Creativetextilezone.com.  I’ll let you know when it gets up.

I also am developing iron-on transfers of designs for  you to color and working on quilt samples, so you can see how they look.

I’ll be in Chantilly, Va at the end of September at the Dulles Expo Center, then on to Atlanta and then Houston.

I’m dying fabric, using the Setacolor dyes, as long as the sun is still shining and I’m bringing some of them to the shows to sell.  My friend Desi Vaughn is a fabric dyer and I will also have some of her fabrics to sell. 

Well another sunny day here in Michigan-better make hay while the sun shines (or dye fabric while the sun shines) 



Back from Paducah

May 2, 2011

We spent a great week in Paducah.  Thanks to everyone who stopped by. 

It was ONE WET SHOW.  The flood gates were closed up and the Convention Center was on the wrong side.  All of the vendors and the quilts had to move.  The Quilts were moved to the “Bubble” dome and the vendors moved to  closed Circuit city and Office Max buildings.  That was all done over the weekend before the show.  AQS really made it happen.  They even changed the bus routes, so everyone could get around. 

Moda developed a quilt collection of fabrics celebrating the anniversary of the Quilt Museum-Dogwood-of course.  I had to have some and found it on my trip to Hancocks.  (I’m trying to  cut back on fabric purchases, but I couldn’t resist)

I’ve been working on some more Watercolor quilts and having alot of fun playing with white on white fabric.  The Watercolor doesn’t color the design (it stays white), but it colors all around it.

For those of you who came to the show, you saw the larger white quilt Vicki Bonhoff quilted for me.  I’m in the process of coloring it.  Somehow, it’s taking longer then I thought.  Next week we are leaving for the Machine Quilter’s Showcase in Overland Park, Kansas.  I was hoping to have it farther along.  It’s approximately 36 x 36 all white with feathered hearts around the outside and 4 feathered hearts in the middle. There are 4 different colors in each heart.  When it gets wet, the hearts are going to just explode with color-I can’t wait.

Well off to my transplanting.  It’s in the 50’s today-too early to plant, so I’m potting up stuff so they won’t get rootbound.  My son is getting married the weekend after the MQS show, so nothing is going to get in the ground for a couple of weeks.

Teaching in Escondido, Ca

March 6, 2011

We are here in sunny California, and I am going to be teaching a class with the Permanent Watercolor Pencils.  It will be at Quilter’s Paradise on March 19th.  10-4 in Escondido.  You can sign up online at their website.  quiltersparadiseesc.com  Sue also has some new laser cut patterns that they manufacture themselves with beautiful flower designs in precut kits.  Check it out.

Stock Selldown

December 4, 2010

I know I was supposed to have this done by Thanksgiving, but my father had a heart attack and I had to spend a week with him, to help him  recouperate.  Ah, life.

Anyway, as promised I have a list of products I am trying to sell down.  Most are 25% off or more.

Here’s how it works:  first come first served.  Everyone will receive an e-mail at the same time.  E-mail me back, if there is anything you want.  Sally_richards@charter.net  (remember first come first served) this is how I can keep track.

Leave me your name, address, telephone and items you would like.  I accept Visa, Master Card and Discover.  I will call  you back and let you know what I have left and get your credit card number from you then.   I also have paypal, if you want to use that.

So here we go:

Stewart Gill Colorize textile Paint 30ml        
Color Inventory Price Sale Price  
Black 3 $9.00 $5.00  
Bottlke 4 $9.00 $5.00  
Cadmium 1 $9.00 $5.00  
Cerise 8 $9.00 $5.00  
Chlorophyl 1 $9.00 $5.00  
Emerald 1 $9.00 $5.00  
Grape 34 $9.00 $5.00  
Jade 17 $9.00 $5.00  
Kingfisher 12 $9.00 $5.00  
Lilac 24 $9.00 $5.00  
Navy 24 $9.00 $5.00  
Ochre 4 $9.00 $5.00  
Olive 2 $9.00 $5.00  
Orange 10 $9.00 $5.00  
Porcelain 13 $9.00 $5.00  
Plum 6 $9.00 $5.00  
Rose 39 $9.00 $5.00  
Royal 1 $9.00 $5.00  
Rust 5 $9.00 $5.00  
Sealskin 4 $9.00 $5.00  
Sky 29 $9.00 $5.00  
Ultramarine 8 $9.00 $5.00  
 Vanilla 18 $9.00 $5.00  
Vermillion 18 $9.00 $5.00  
Violet 25 $9.00 $5.00  
Inktense Permanent Watercolor  Pencils        
Pencils Inventory    Price Sale Price  
24 Set 19 $57.00 $42.75  
36 Set 21 $89.00 $66.50  
72 Set 10 $177.00 $133.00  
Neocolor II Watercolor Crayons        
Crayon Inventory Price Sale Price  
84 Set 1 $156.00 $117.00  
Niji Waterbrush
Brush Inventory Price Sale Price  
1 pack   




40  $10.00 $7.50  

 Shipping will have to be a minimum of $ 4.95 for flat rate.  If you have many bottles of paint, etc.  I will figure out the shipping before I  call.

I will be adding more Stewart Gill Paints.  I have some Galactica (glitter paint that doesn’t shed or wash off) and some block printing supplies and Batik stuff.  

My plan is to ship before Dec 12, as we are leaving town and I REALLY don’t want to carry this stuff for 1 week of travel.  So get your orders in early .

Good Luck


Stock selldown

November 17, 2010

When I return from the Puyallup show, I will be posting my overstock.  If you have given me your e-mail at a show, I will be sending the list to you on e-mail. first come first served.

Working on my first prequilted wallhanging

November 17, 2010

My good friend Vicki  sent me a finished quilted design on white fabric.  One side was silk/Cotton and the other was 100% cotton.  I’m working on it right now and will be bringing it to Puyallup this weekend.  Come and see the progress. 

The whole quilt is white on white and I’m having a great time blending colors in the feathered areas with the Inktense Permanent Pencils.  I also just finished a smaller wall hanging 16″ that was all feathers, colored in with 4 different colors and used Sulky varigated thread for the quiting around it. The four colors I chose, were the colors of the varigated thread.  I’ll send pictures from the show.

I hope I’ll see some of you there.

Free tickets for Puyallup show

October 31, 2010

I just got some complimentary tickets for the Puyallup show in Washington,  just south of Seattle/Takoma.  If you would like some, please contact me at my e-mail with your address. Sally_richards@charter.net.   I hope to see you there.  I have some new Watercolor quilt samples I am working on, and am doing a Make-it, so you can “practice” with the Inktense Pencils.

Hope to see you there. Nov. 18-20, 2010. (the weekend before Thanksgiving)

Selling down my Inventory

April 29, 2010

I have two more shows this summer and Three in the fall and will be selling down all of my products to close my retail part of the business.  If you would like me to send you a price list of what I have, please send me your e-mail address-pass the word.


Chicago and Paducah shows

April 26, 2010

I just returned from two shows and I think I’m getting old.  I guess standing for 10 hours isn’t made for my body.

Anyway I met alot of people while I introduced the new Inktense pencils.  I sold out in Chicago and had to place a next-day order for Paducah, which I sold out of in two days.

If you haven’t used these pencils, they are great.  You just color in your motif (dry) and use the waterbrush to wet it.  When it is dry, it is set.  No heat setting, just let it dry. 

I had some samples showing what happens when you draw over the dried watercolor.  No washing out of watercolor below!!!!

Also at the shows, I had Setacolor, which I am now carrying.  I am doing a batik process using the Elmer’s washable glue, as the resist.  Interweave asked me to consider writing a book on the process.  Hmmm.

I will be at the Longarm show in Kansas City in May and NQA show in June.  I will have a large supply of the Inktense there, for those that didn’t get a chance to buy them.

Now that I am getting closer to paying off my loan to the bank for all of my stuff, I’m getting closer to my new career as a professional Art Quilt maker.

I have joined SAQA and will submit 6 quilts for consideration.  If I’m approved, I will be a professional quilter and will work on making quilts for Galleries, teaching and writing books.  (See teaching opportunities)

Brad (my husband) is retired, and wants to play golf.  I want to quilt.  After 15 years on the quilt show circuit, it’s time to move on.  I have a few more shows to do, to pay off credit card debt and then I’m on to my new career.

If anyone knows of galleries that accept textile art, please let me know.  I’m trying to compile a list.