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SAQA Conference in San Francisco

March 24, 2010

I’m currently at the SAQA conference in San Francisco, enjoying the great weather, but really enjoying learning new techniques.  I’m in a class with Holly Brachman, using disperse dyes, photo transfer and stencilling. 

I be in Chicago in April, after our drive back from sunny San Clemente.  We’ve been here for 3 months and are ready to travel back to Michigan.  The snow should be gone by now.

We’ll also be in Paducah, right after Chicago.  We will be in the Finkel building again this year.  It is on Kentucky and 3rd St. (downtown)  Don’t forget to come, because this is where AQS sells all of it’s overruns and discontinued books.  They are in the back of the building, and 20 or so vendors are in the front.  There is also a very good bakery/deli just down the street.

You can take the trolley that leaves from the hotel to the Finkel buiding, and it continues to Hancocks and the Kiwanis’ quilt show.

There is a new pavillion at Paducah, since they are only using the conference rooms at the hotel this year.  The pavillion is a big blown up quanset hut, with booths inside.  I think it is in the parking lot of the hotel.  Check AQS’ site out, for more information. (and pictures)

I’m just adding Lutradur to the site.  If you are interested, I have 70# and 100# by the yard.  E-mail me for costs and availability. .  I won’t be able to ship until Thursday of this week.  March 26th I think.