Back from Paducah

We spent a great week in Paducah.  Thanks to everyone who stopped by. 

It was ONE WET SHOW.  The flood gates were closed up and the Convention Center was on the wrong side.  All of the vendors and the quilts had to move.  The Quilts were moved to the “Bubble” dome and the vendors moved to  closed Circuit city and Office Max buildings.  That was all done over the weekend before the show.  AQS really made it happen.  They even changed the bus routes, so everyone could get around. 

Moda developed a quilt collection of fabrics celebrating the anniversary of the Quilt Museum-Dogwood-of course.  I had to have some and found it on my trip to Hancocks.  (I’m trying to  cut back on fabric purchases, but I couldn’t resist)

I’ve been working on some more Watercolor quilts and having alot of fun playing with white on white fabric.  The Watercolor doesn’t color the design (it stays white), but it colors all around it.

For those of you who came to the show, you saw the larger white quilt Vicki Bonhoff quilted for me.  I’m in the process of coloring it.  Somehow, it’s taking longer then I thought.  Next week we are leaving for the Machine Quilter’s Showcase in Overland Park, Kansas.  I was hoping to have it farther along.  It’s approximately 36 x 36 all white with feathered hearts around the outside and 4 feathered hearts in the middle. There are 4 different colors in each heart.  When it gets wet, the hearts are going to just explode with color-I can’t wait.

Well off to my transplanting.  It’s in the 50’s today-too early to plant, so I’m potting up stuff so they won’t get rootbound.  My son is getting married the weekend after the MQS show, so nothing is going to get in the ground for a couple of weeks.


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