If you are reading this on my new website, Welcome!!!

I just returned from two shows in California.  Puyallup Sewing and Quilt Expo and the San Joachim Valley Guild quilt show.  

I was lucky to get in the show in Puyallup, as I have been trying to get in for 4 years now.  

Our watercolor pencils are still doing very well, along with the Decolourant and Decolourant Plus.  I have new pictures of a quilt with the Decolourant Plus.  Kokopelli


The Kokopeli guys were stencilled on using the Turquoise Decolourant Plus.  I let them dry overnight and had a happy accident.  The decolourant took some of the color out of the fabric around the figures and gave them a halo.  I like it.  If I had used a blow dryer or heat gun, I wouldn’t have gotten the same effect.


While we were in California, I went to the Road to California show.  Yes, I took pictures.   They had an exhibit for Susan Else.  Soft Sculpture.  Here are some.


Here’s Susan with one of her sculptures.


I was really impressed with the Ferris wheel.  It was motorized and was spinning slowly in the exhibit.  I have a few pictures.



The next pictures are details.  Everything was covered with fabric.


Sneaking a kiss


Skeletens in love (these are not what she named them) They were all covered with fabric and some parts were painted.  They are sitting down, but the picture doesn’t show the chair.


Detail of Skeletons


Framed rocks.  Most of the rocks were hand dyed.  They were framed in a 2 inch deep frame and the “rocks” were coming out of the box.


Some of the other things I saw, that were new to me, were the basket frames from Clover.Image 

You just weave yarn or fabric between the “spokes” to make a basket and top it off with a flower.  Here’s a finished one.


One of the quilts at “Road” that I really liked was a 3D quilt.  Or at least it looked 3D.

Here are some pictures with detail.


Here’s the detail.  As you can see, it was an award winner.Image

I’ll try to take pictures as I do the shows.  Next stop Spring Quilt Festival in Cincinnati.  I will have a new person working with me at some of the shows.  Sara Hochhauser.  She has been teaching all over the United States and she will be demoing the new Gelli Printing Plates.

We are going to be carrying these at the shows, and I’ll try to post pictures as soon as we get samples done.  

Driving home from California on the 1st.  5 days on the road, and then off to Cincinnati.  Wait !! I’m supposed to be retired.








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