Butane Torch


This is the pencil torch I use to burn my Polyester Organza.  This uses Butane (the same stuff you fill cigarette lighters with)  Filling directions are on the included card.

Make sure  you use this on a non-flamable surface.  A garage floor is good, or use on a hard asbestos board (used for soldering)

Always use caution.  This gets hot.  Don’t touch the tip with your bare hands and keep water or extinguisher handy.

I have used it for burning Polyester Organza that was sewn onto my quilting cotton.  It melts the Organza and makes irregular shapes, to show what is underneath.

I have also used it with Kunin felt, that was sewn onto the quilt first.

You will want to sew the Kunin felt down before you melt it, as it will twist all over the place and will be hard to sew down, after you melt it. 

Because your quilt is usually cotton, it will take longer to melt than the Kunin felt, which is polyester.   I haven’t had any problems with cotton melting under the Kunin felt. 

This retails for $10.00 & shipping.

If you want one, e-mail me.   Sally_richards@charter.net

If  I have it, I’ll send it. You can pay me with paypal.


2 Responses to “Butane Torch”

  1. nancy the neophyte Says:

    Sally- You have some really cool ideas and tools!
    I didn’t get to the MQS in KC but some of my co-workers did and saw your booth and items for sale. Wish I could have!
    In your blog about the butane pen it sounds like something I’d like to try. I’m presently making distressed flowers from synthetic fabrics using a candle.
    Do you ever want your cotton to be singed or burned? In my minimal experience, I don’t get a satisfactory result with natural plant or animal fibers. These fibers have a papery ash and still frey out. What to do?

    • creativetextilezone Says:

      I had the same result with natural plant and animal fibers. I do find that I can put synthetics over the natural fibers, and burn them, and the natural fibers don’t burn. The nice thing about the butane, is you get a “sharp” flame, so you can direct the fire wherever you want it to burn.
      If you would like to purchase the butane torch, just e-mail me. We can use paypal, check, or credit card. Sally_richards@charter.net

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