Molding Foam blocks


This is a blank molding foam block 3″ x 4″.

You can use it just as it is, by applying paint with a brayer and press it into the fabric.



    But you can have alot more fun by molding a shape into it.

 This is the same block with a shape imprinted into it.  

 To get the block ready to imprint, use a 75w light bulb.   Don’t use a heat gun-too hot (will melt the foam eventually).  Don’t use an energy saving light bulb-too cool (design will hardly appear).  

For your design:  You can use anything that has a raised design.  Maybe  bobbypins, buttons (my favorite), deep stamps (the design will be reversed) You can use anything with a 1/4″ – 1/8″ depth. 

Heat the foam, all over the surface, with the 75w lightbulb.  Don’t touch the foam to the bulb.  Press  the foam block into your shapes and you are ready to print. If the design is too light (not a good impression) The foam was too cool.  Heat the foam again and press again.     I use a brayer to apply the paint.  It doesn’t fill the mold up with paint-just the top of the design.  Press the foam onto the fabric (wherever you want)   When you’re done, rinse the paint off of the foam, and it is ready to reuse.

To remove the imprint on the block, just reheat the block surface with the 75w lightbulb until the design disappears.  Now it’s ready to reuse.

If you would like one or more of the blank Molding foam blocks, they are 

$3.50 plus shipping.  Just e-mail me  If I have it in stock, I will ship it right away, and you can use Paypal or a check, to pay me.

Any questions??? e-mail me.


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