Watercolor on Fabric

 I found I could get watercolor effects on my fabric, by using watercolor pencils and crayons.  

During my research, I found that the European supplies were better than what I could find here in the U.S..  They had more pigment in them and were light fast, which is critical when used on something that will be in light.

I found Caran D’Ache watercolors had the most intense brightness on my fabrics.   These need to be sealed with Textile Medium, if you are going to wash them.  I don’t wash my Art Quilts.

Since I started using water color pencils and crayons 8 years ago, Derwent came out with Inktense pencils.  These are waterbased pigment inks, that are in pencil form.  Hurray!!!

Now I can just wet the designs and let them dry.  They don’t have a crayon form yet, so I am still selling the Neocolor II’s. 

What’s the difference between Pencils and Crayons????

Mainly, the difference is the size of the project.  Small areas are best “colored” with pencils and large areas are best filled in with crayons.  See the description of their use by clicking on the Pencils or Neocolor II crayons on the sidebar.


One Response to “Watercolor on Fabric”

  1. Nicola Thomas-Artist Says:

    Have wanted to try out some painting on fabric for a while now (I’m Fine Art trained). I’ve found your blog most interesting . Thank you !!

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